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Udemy is an online education marketplace with over 30.000 courses which over 7 million students have enrolled in taught by 19.000+ instructors. Udemy has courses for about anything you wish to learn varying from IT, marketing and academics to language development and business. The courseware consists of written materials, video’s and quizzes. Udemy also has a few great hacking courses about ethical hacking, IT security and development, from basics courses to advanced courses and lifetime access to the course materials. Udemy courses are a great way to expand your knowledge fast and cheap.

Currently Udemy has more than 17.000 courses for sale and includes a few very popular hacking courses too. If you want to learn about ethical hacking, penetration testing, development or networking on a wider scale, taught by experienced instructors without having to spend 1.000’s of dollars? Take advantage of this great Udemy hacking courses.

Update Jan. 09, 2016: We’ve kicked off with the first hacking course which we will be following and reviewing on Hacking Tutorials soon:

We’ve kicked off with the first Udemy Course: The complete ethical hacking course. The first 22% of the course has been finished and so far I think it is a great course taught by a very capable and expert level instructor. Another nice thing about this course is that over 33.000 students enrolled which makes the message board related to the course very active! So far the course has been a great deal.

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

This hacking course teaches you about ethical hacking, penetration testing, web testing, and wifi hacking using kali linux! Learn about Kali Linux, VirtualBox, basics of Linux, Tor, Proxychains, VPN, Macchanger, Nmap, cracking wifi, aircrack, DoS attacks, SLL strip, known vulnerabilities, SQL injections, cracking Linux passwords and more topics.

This course is a complete program and teaches you about ethical hacking and penetration testing from the ground up. The hacking course covers a wide area of subjects from using virtual machines and installing Kali Linux to SQL injection. The course contains 116 lectures and more than 25 hours of video. Over 35.000 students have enrolled in this course and rated it 5 starts with 551 ratings and reviews. These numbers makes us very exciting to follow the course and review it on Hacking Tutorials in a few weeks!

You can find more information about this course of sign up for it and get 30% discount Use promocode UDMYSPLASH to receive a 30% discount on any hacking course!

More Hacking Courses on sale

We’ve selected a few more hacking courses from Udemy which could be interesting for you to follow. How about this Complete Wireshark course? Or preparation materials for becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker? Or learn the C# fundamentals in 5 hours?

The Complete Wireshark Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!

Learn to use Wireshark as a networking professional including troubleshooting, analysis, and protocol development! Read more…

C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals

Learn C# and programming mindset using high-quality, bite-sized videos with real-world examples and lots of exercises. Read more…

Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking

Learn the Fundamentals of ethical hacking, the tools used to secure and penetrate network, Viruses, Malware, Trojans. You can find more information about the course here.

Web Penetration Tester

You will learn hacking tools, methodologies and techniques. This is a both practical and theoretical step-by-step course. Read more…

How to be an Independent security researcher

If you are a web developer, Bug Hunter or any it security researcher then this course will be very help full.
Read more…

How to be an Independent security researcher

If you are a web developer, Bug Hunter or any it security researcher then this course will be very help full.
Read more…


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